Selva peruana – contemporary art

Selva peruana Contemporary art Karlo Grados Stuttgart Gallery Wood sculpture

On his 5 day hike over the Peruvian Andes, Karlo not only experienced the mountains, but also the jungle. The impressions of an unforgettable time can be felt on this wood sculpture painted with oil and varnish. The different and lively shades of green, the wooden tones and the lively oranges of the birds are for him an expression of this wonderful region, which he quickly learned to love. Gold, oil and fertile earth make up the primeval forest and are shaped by the mountains, their people and culture on the one hand and by warmth and an incredible flora and fauna on the other. The wooden sculpture, which serves as the basis for this work, was carved by a Swabian wood artist.

Oil and paint on wooden sculpture
Height: 130 cm.