Contemporary art Stuttgart Karlo Grados Photo Tom Maurer

Karlo’s work is very emotional, sensual, intimate and long-lasting. This is why he prefers oil paint because it allows him to go and come back. Through his work, he feels free and at the same time handcuffed. That is why it is so difficult for him to say goodbye to his works.

His works reflect this fascinating individuality that lives in him. Art professor Bushof from the Interart Gallery calls it multifrenic. Both him and his works. This diversity is his blessing and his curse. But so he is, a thinker, a seeker.

Part of this multifrenia is his appetite to experience new things and to experiment with new means. His imagination seems limitless. When asked if he is afraid that one day he will not know what else to paint, he replies, “If I had the time to paint anything that comes to my head, it would take at least five lives to do that. The problem is deciding what I want to paint in this life.

The artist has gone several ways, artistic intellectual, several countries, several languages, which brought him back to the origin and which influence his art today.

Born in Lima, Peru. Abitur in Germany. Master’s degree in political science and Romance philology from Heidelberg University. One year studying art history in Paris. Stays in Brussels, Munich, Berlin and Freiburg, etc. Enthusiastic athlete. Experience in vegan nutrition coaching.

My place of birth (Lima-Peru), connected with the place (in Baden-Württemberg) where I was socialized, other places where I lived when I was young, and the people I met make up and shape mine Art. Feeling comfortable everywhere but feeling at home nowhere e creates a conflict in me from which I try to free myself through my art.

My art is about Weltschmerz and my interior is as imprecise as myself.

I deal with the accepted and artificially invented “normality” in our society and would like to persuade people to question it.

My work is multiphren like myself and has sometime a touch of constructivism. My works are determined by beauty but also by hypocrisy in our society. The Weltschmerz I constantly feel does not go and just comes out of me through my pictures. On the other hand, it calms me to experience aesthetics and to shape them, because it repeatedly ensures that I have some peace of mind.

I see it as an obligation to commit to a paradigm shift. It would be impossible for me to create only “beautiful art”. She gives me a lot but would be too irresponsible. Because the blame for the injustices of the present and past days goes not only to the account of those who have committed it, but also decisively to those who have done nothing about it.

“I am one who can handle a lot of people but does not fit in anywhere. Exotic and with an unusual background, people expect almost always the wrong things from me because too much is judged by the appearance.”

“Art is the opportunity to express joy, suffering, feelings, sentiments, criticism and to get rid of them temporarily.”

“Art is an unnecessary necessity”

Contemporary art Stuttgart Karlo Grados Gallery oil painting


Next exhibitions


March 29 – April 18, Venice International Art Fair 2021 in the Gallery ITSLIQUID – Venice
May/June ArtWalk – Stuttgart


September 19, 2020 Art-YOYO Stuttgart
September 26, 2020 ArtWalk Stuttgart
October 23 until November 20, 2020 group exhibition “Corpus Buch” at the Gallery Interart
March 7 to Jun 04 “Shizophrenia Revival!” Café & Vinothek List
Februar 28 – jun 20 “Das Tier in mir” Galerie InterArt
March 20 ArtWalt Stuttgart where? in Braukeller of the Brauereigaststätte Dinkelacker. Tübinger street. 46 – 70178 Stuttgart.
10th. – 12th. January Treffpunkt Rotebühlplatz Stuttgart. Lernen. Bildung. Kultur

March 29 Vernissage “Shizophrenia” – Improve Training – Stuttgart
April 09 – April 12 “Dominion” Café Faust – Stuttgart
Jun 30 – July 14 group exhibition at Kulturinsel Stuttgart
October 27- November 25 group exhibition at Kultur Insel Stuttgart

Artist by the Gallery Interart, Stuttgart Germany