Medea, der Kampf geht weiter

Contemporary art Stuttgart Karlo Grados exhibition modern art gallery
Medea, der Kampf geht weiter

Inspired by the dance theater Medea by director Katja Erdmann-Rajski, the painting was created to draw our attention to the different perceptions between women and men. In the center of the picture we see three women lying on top of each other. The work gains expressiveness through the cold, cadaver-like skin tones of the lying women, which represents the violence against women. For example, the Me-Too movement tries to fight or stop this violence. The violet tone on the face of one of the women indicates violence and suffering. The red background is created by the lighting on the stage and also stands for all the blood that was spilled in the struggle for equality. Medea is shocked by the unusual reaction to her husband’s cheating. She doesn’t want to accept the fact that different standards apply to men. We can wonder if Medea would have attracted so much attention if she were a man. This painting is a cry afterwards: How long should women be murdered and / or beaten?
The almost black background as a sign of uncertainty, what’s next?

Oil on canvas
Format: 70×100 cm.