La baletista Alicia Amatriain

La baletista  Alicia Amatriain Contemporary art Stuttgart Karlo Grados Stuttgarter Ballett modern art oil painting

The character of the first soloist and Kammer dancer from Stuttgarter Ballett Alicia Amatriain shown here can be felt immediately when looking at the painting. With an image surface made of merging colors that gives the painting an impressive character. Similar to the Selbst-Po-Trait, you get the impression that she is hugged by a light source that adapts to her movement. The sporty and feminine shape are emphasized by the shape of the accompanying background.
Connected through the common language and through a great friendship, the dancer Alicia Amatriain has been part of the artist’s circle of friends for many years.
The painting shows her in a typical ballet pose, the greatest passion of the Alicia.

Oil on canvas
Format: 80×120 cm.