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Contemporary art Stuttgart Karlo Grados oil painting nude men self portrait

His strongly emotional works often address social issues. An expressive work focus in his heritage. This painting tells the story of the painter. Karlo is neither black nor white, neither Asian nor European, but genetically carries a bit of everything. With this painting he wants to express his intercultural and multiethnic background.

Some clear edges and some blurry lines, happy, angry, spirited and always thoughtful.

When you meet him you let yourself be influenced by the outside and thus you are put into a box full of “expectations” that he hardly fulfills because his life has gone completely different than most imagine. But he would also like to have the opportunity to tell his story. Most of the time, however, he doesn’t get there because people find it hard to get away from this first impression.

Oil & acryl on canvas.
Format: 70×100 cm.