Fuego en Amazonas – contemporary art

Fuego en Amazonas Contemporary Art Stuttgart Karlo Grados fire in the Peruvian jungle oil painting

The spatula technique creates a plastic texture that gives the oil a fine sheen. On the one hand the beautiful colors that are a feast for the eyes but on the other hand to experience the sad reality.
The picture was taken after a trip to Peru and was a necessity for the painter to express what he had experienced in his time in the Peruvian jungle. Burning the forests to gain more acreage is a disaster for the planet and affects us all.

Already during his hike he felt a strong need to paint what he saw. Forest burning is currently part of everyday life in Peru. Although not as huge as in Brazil, there are still many parts of the jungle that are burned down to cultivate monocultures. After all, the demand is very strong. On his five-day trip across Salkantay, he experienced the beauty of the Andes and the jungle, but also the fire.

Oil in canvas
Format: 80×100 cm.