El baletista David Moore

El baletista David Moore Contemporary art Stuttgart Karlo Grados Ballett dancer David Moore oil painting

The relationship between Karlo and the ballet and with the dancers of the Stuttgarter Ballett is very intense. The love for the artist’s neoclassicalism can be clearly felt in this picture. The calm, the strength and grandeur of British David Moore shine at the viewer. His natural beauty and symmetry of his body were the inspiration for the artist.
The picture shows the first soloist from Stuttgarter Ballet David Moore sitting. The background is a kind of aura, without further motifs, so that the attention is entirely devoted to the dancer.
Rich in detail from head to toe. The feet received special attention. The symbolism of the feet is immediately recognizable among dancers. As if Karlo wanted to emphasize the importance of this part of the body. The feet are the main focus for ballet dancers. The perspective chosen by the artist allows direct identification with the dancer. The coloring is kept warm. The background abstract with boldly flowing warm colors.
The picture has a calming effect that can be broken at any time. It seems David has a break from dancing.

Oil on canvas
Format: 80×120 cm.