El baletista

Contemporary art Stuttgart Karlo Grados Gallery oil painting El Baletista

A ballet dancer in écarté on the left corner, dreaming of the spotlight on the right side of the picture. If you know the ballet world, you know that many of the budding ballet dancers have to endure loneliness for their dreams. The separation from their families at a young age has to be accepted. In this picture Karlo presents us a young ballet dancer with remarkable flexibility and body lines (proportions) that every dancer would want. Ballet as an art of youth is short-lived and this is reflected in this painting by the one white radiant streak of the stage lighting. This light quickly gets darker and darker, because the years pass quickly and so life on stage is over at the age around 40 years. Retraining, reorientation, perplexity to alcoholism are the struggles that an ex-dancer has to fight when his career on stage is over. Oil on canvas in which the brushstrokes are clearly visible, the work of the artist. The gray background is very reserved. Euphoria and reality in one. Enjoyment on stage and hard life behind the scenes.

Oil on canvas
Format: 60×80 cm.