Come on in – contemporary art stuttgart

Contemporary art Stuttgart Karlo Grados oil painting modern art abstract geometric figures

The geometrically designed colored areas with their controlled elements convey an aesthetic experience without the viewer thinking of the exactly planned connection between the elements.

Karlo creates a spatial design with a few color levels, in which the imaginary architecture is felt without one seing a directly visible one. The positioning of the geometric shapes overrides the color restraint of this painting.

The composition of the figures bring it to life and give it its attractiveness. According to Plato: “Straight lines and circles are not only beautiful, but eternal and absolutely beautiful.” The viewer can perceive his unchangeable beauty through the figures, lines of this work.

Abstract Expressionism lets you sink into the depth of this building.
Exciting work that appears mysterious and inviting. The restraint of the gray tones with their indifference and in interaction with the image construction quasi push the viewer to get in.

Oil on canvas.
Format: 80×80 cm.