Cabeza cuadrada – contemporary art

Cabeza cuadrada Contemporary art Stuttgart Karlo Grados face with orange nose oil painting gallery Germany cabeza cuadrada

The cold-warm contrast is overwhelming. The purity and simplicity of the white and the thoughtfulness of the gray tones playing with the joy and serenity of the warm orange. The artist thus achieves the mixture of quiet and craziness that is in all of us. In some more of one than the other. The cabeza cuadrada is not only sober, but also cheerful and lively, even if that does not always bubble outwards.
The visible flow of the brush clearly shows the human hand, the life in this picture.
Cabeza cuadrada (four square head) is one of the names from Spanish and many Latinos for the Germans. By that they mean the lack of flexibility in mind. The artist does not see this as drastically and tries to emphasize other sides with some soft lines.

Oil on canvas
Format: 60×80 cm.