BLM – contemporary art

BLM Contemporary art germany Karlo Grados Stuttgart Black lifes matter

BLM (Black lives Matter) is one of the biggest movements in recent years. Karlo feels committed to try to open the eyes so that discrimination ends once and for all. How many more deaths must there be? We know that we are the same. Why do you continue to discriminate based on skin colour?

The background of this picture tells us that we are on planet earth. The colours of nature. The colour of the seas and the sky. In this painting we perceive calm and chaos. Anger, powerlessness is perceived. In the bottom of the picture we see blood. The blood that was spilled for racist reasons. Even today a lot of blood is being shed as hatred is still very great. There is a Tamir Rice, a Breonna Taylor, a Walter Scott, a George Floyd, Michael Brown and many more who have been murdered for racist reasons. And how many more will come? How much more blood will be shed until this is brought under control?

Racism is not only a problem in the USA, but throughout the world. The Peruvian Indian is one of the most discriminated in Peru. Karlo can’t just stand by and watch innocent people continue to be murdered. That is why he tries to make people think through his images.

This image was first presented during the art event called YOYO in the city of Stuttgart.

Acry on canvas
Format: 13×18 cm.