Before racism – contemporary art

Before racism Contemporary art germany Karlo Grados Stuttgart BLM2

Before racism makes a direct statement about when racism starts.

In this painting Karlo tells us a story that is repeated itself day after day. In the background with the colors of the planet we see four babies sleeping peacefully. The greens and blues can represent the planet earth. Nature, her seas, the sky. Each baby clearly represents an ethnic group. White, yellow, black, copper and could be more. In this phase of life they have not yet learned to differentiate themselves. Some haven’t learned to feel superior to others. The others have not yet felt the problems that will not be “white”. But things will change soon. This painting wants to emphasize that racism is learned behavior. Our parents, society teach us to differentiate. Nature makes changes for reasons of adaptation. Superficial differences are made to ensure our survival. But man has imposed the predominance of one over the other.

Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement, founded in the United States after the horrific murder of George Floyd in May 2020, fights against discrimination. This movement has led many others of the same kind around the world to fight racism. Karlo feels obliged to be part of the fight. He himself knows what it is like not to be white in this world. You have seen and lived situations that you do not wish anyone else.

“We all need to put an end to all forms of discrimination. Diversity is an asset and we must preserve it “.

Let’s hope that today’s babies can live in a world with less racism. When you wake up, the world has moved on and you are not infected with the discriminator virus. Hopefully blacks, yellows, copper and all other non-whites don’t have to grow up in a world where they feel less. To be valued for who they are, for what they can, for their talents and achievements. Another contribution that wants to show us that artists should not only make decorative art, but should also use them to question the artificial normality that society has created.

Acryl on canvas.
Format: 13×18 cm.