Barberinischer Faun aus Esslingen

Barberinischer Faun aus Esslingen Contemporary art Stuttgart Barberini Faun Karlo Grados oil painting naked man sitting on blockes
Barberini Faun from Esslingen

A young man lies carefree and stretched out on rocks. Serenity with a hint of profanity. A mixture that appeals to the artist very much when you know him and see how go to parties. His interpretation of the world-famous Barberian faun is unique. The young man from Esslingen, who posts for this picture, has a strong connexion to the artist for the carefree self-portrayal, regardless of the eyes of others. His Barberian faun is colorful and with a very beauty symmetry. Pure sensuality. With the pink penis, the artist doesn’t want to hide anything. He is of the opinion that society makes too big a “theater” around the sight of a penis and he would like to contribute with his presentation for more habituation. Penis ist just a body part. For this reason, he did not stick to the traditional rather small staging of the best piece of the man in the size of the penis. This work made of oil paints and acrylic was one of the most popular at his vernissage in the Stuttgart Café & Vinothek List and can be visited until the first week of July 2020. The green background brings the feeling of nature to the painting, after all we are dealing with a faun, the god of nature and the forest. This impressive Picture got big attention in the interim gallery during the Artwalk in Stuttgart. The artist could explain his intention and point of view about this very sensual artwork.

Oil & acryl on canvas
Format: 80×120 cm.